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GraphicSlam Company Overview
GraphicSlam is the best state-of-the-art marketing company in the world.

Our main office is located in beautiful Saint George, Utah. GraphicSlam is a marketing company that develops profitable Internet solutions for all sorts of Internet businesses. We have developed a unique combination of marketing by utilizing a network of Master Area Managers with local Territory Managers and innovative web marketing design. This approach of innovative marketing is the first of its kind and is already showing extremely promising results.

GraphicSLAM's number one purpose is to improve profitability for our clients. With the aid of our Master Area Managers and Territory Managers we will deliver stellar results to our clients by utilizing our revolutionary marketing techniques. We will always have cutting-edge marketing because of our 'never satisfied mindset' that keeps us driving forward and developing new ways to get you (our clients) seen.

GraphicSLAM has assembled and is currently adding to a local area management team that covers the entire United States. This team gives us an immense advantage over our competitors when it comes to customer service, local market networking, local advertising and local availability. Being in the 'grass roots' all over the U.S. gives us national presence and sinks 'our roots' deep into marketing. Our design proves that no one can match us when it comes to 'setting the bar'.

About Our Corporate Executive Officer

Our CEO is a business professional that has heaps of experience and success in sales and marketing. He's had success on the local level owning local businesses/restaurants and he's proven to be successful globally with several major corporations.

He made a name for himself when he was Vice President, Sales and Marketing for the worldwide company Omni. He took this 12 million dollar company up to a 45 million dollar company in just three years. From there he went and managed a 150 million dollar company, Little Tikes Commercial. He has owned businesses and currently owns businesses outside of GraphicSLAM. All this and more add to he lustrous career in business and marketing of over 35 years.

With all of his knowledge and wisdom, our CEO is guiding GraphicSLAM and all those who follow to a whole new and incredibly efficient way of marketing on the Internet.


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